Kiln-Dried Firewood No Rack & Pre-Stacked

Enjoy a pest-free, clean burning fire with a rack-less stack delivered right to your door.

What is a Stack and How is It Better?

When you order firewood, you want to know that you are getting quality wood delivered to your front door at a fair price. Without the hassle. Without the mess. And without wondering whether you got the amount you paid for. Each of our rackless stacks are ¼ face cord of the highest quality firewood available. Enough for you to enjoy 10-15 large fires! All you need to do is choose your stack!

Our Stacks Come In 4 Different Woods

Store our kiln-dried, heat-treated wood for months before burning it — or light it on fire as soon as it arrives.

Want More than 3 Stacks?

Save When You Buy One Of Our Packs of Stacks!

The Way We Deliver is a Game Changer

We offer three delivery options in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding area for your convenience.*
Delivered to your door in 2 days or less!


Delivered to Your Driveway

No dumping here. We’ll bring your rackless stack to your home and leave it in your driveway next to your garage or carport, ready for you to move.


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Tell Us Where You Want it

For a minimal fee, we’ll place your stack wherever you want, whether that’s next to your fire pit, backyard patio, or even in your garage.

$25 per Stack


We’ll Restack Your Rack

Shifting firewood can be a time-consuming task, so let us handle it for you. If you need your wood re-stacked, we’ve got you covered.

$50 per Stack

* Outside our delivery area? Not a problem, we got you Stacked! We offer nationwide shipping for our Stack Packs!

How It Works

Pick Your Stack

Each species of wood has different burn uses and results. Choose the stack that best captures the experience you want to create.

Schedule Your Delivery

Our delivery options range from driveway drop-off to complete hands-off services. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Enjoy Your Firewood

Light the match and start to create lasting memories around the campfire, heat your cabin, or cozy up to the fireplace.


No Bugs

Less Smoke



How much firewood is in a stack?

When you order one stack of firewood, you receive 1/4 face cord or 375 lbs of wood.
We stack each 1/4 face cord of wood so it can fit onto a dolly and be brought through a doorway if needed.

One stack of firewood should last you about 10-15 large fires.

In Our Company, It Starts With the Tree

With 26 years of wood manufacturing experience, we know what it takes to produce and sell high-quality, burnable wood. As firewood manufacturers and high-end timber sales professionals for more than a decade, our founders are well-versed in the quality of good wood, as well as how to improve the customer experience.

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